Phoenix Foods

Phoenix Foods was founded in 1997 as an exporter company focusing our work in marketing, logistics and quality control of whole perishable vegetables. We began our operations in Ica, exporting fresh asparagus to various countries of the world; soon we become leaders in the Japanese market. Later, we expanded to other vegetables, such as onions, artichokes, holantas until early 2002 when we incorporated fruits like grapes, mangoes and avocados

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Fruits with Added Value

We seek to satisfy the needs that arise due to changes in the lifestyle of the people who are increasingly looking for healthy, natural foods.

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Pre-Cut Vegetables and Salads “Ready To Eat

Consumers are increasingly concerned over their food. Therefore, they seek to minimize processes, saving time, and consuming high quality products. In Phoenix Foods, we provide minimally processed foods with health, quality and innocuousness, adequate to products.
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Whole Fruits and Vegetables

From our beginnings in 1997, we have been supplying the world with Peruvian fruit and vegetables of the best quality. We started with green asparagus and then incorporate other products such as table grapes, mangoes, pomegranates, mangoes, blueberries. Read More»