Phoenix Foods was founded in 1997 as an exporter company, focusing our work in marketing, logistics and quality control of whole perishable vegetables. We began our operations in Ica, exporting fresh asparagus to various countries in the world, becoming leaders in the Japanese market. Later, we expanded to other vegetables such as onions, artichokes, holantao until early in 2002, when we incorporated fruits like grapes, mangoes and avocados.

NosotrosIt was in 2006 that the company decided to move to the stage of adding value to the products we were exporting. We started with the avocado making guacamole ready to eat, then mango in puree and chunks and eggfruit and bananas.

Then in 2010 we decided to open a division of Fresh Cuts or Fourth Variety for local market supplying pre-cut vegetables and fruits, salads ready to eat.

With this we have consolidated the company in the category of healthy eating and “convenient” (ready to eat) based on fruits and vegetables, both for export and for the local market.
Our success has been based on the quality and guarantee of our raw materials, high technology and innovation of our production and logistics processes and the robustness of our customers.