We seek to meet the needs that arise due to changes in the lifestyle of the people who are increasingly looking for healthy, natural foods.

We offer fresh and frozen products ready to eat, which have gone through a stage of disinfection and physical removal of the edible pulp, offering a natural and safe packaged product that maintains its nutrients and vitamins.

We have the innovative technology of high pressure processing or HPP (High Pressure Process) – technique applied in cold that involves subjecting  the already packaged food  to high levels of hydrostatic pressure for a few seconds, that significantly reduces the microorganisms responsible for their deterioration, eliminates pathogenic bacteria causing diseases and in turn, maintains the nutritional and sensory quality of a fresh product.

Our processing plant has the SQF Level 3 certification, internationally recognized by the GFSI – Global Food Safety Initiative, showing that our processes are aligned with the highest demands in terms of safety and quality.