From our beginnings in 1997, we have provided the world with Peruvian fruits and vegetables of the highest quality. We started with green asparagus and then we incorporated other products such as table grapes, mangoes, pomegranates, mangoes, blueberries.

Our presence in key agricultural valleys as Piura, Lambayeque, Casma, Huaral, Cañete, Chincha and Ica allows us to supply for more extended periods.It also allows us to monitor the progress of cultivation, monitoring their quality, pesticide applications and of course the monitoring at the time of harvest.

Then, at the time of packaging, fruits are carried to the plants nearest to crops, from where we export them to major markets around the world. With this, our department of documentary monitoring, verifies proper order and delivery of information to customers in due time.

Our Vitta Fresh brand has gained reputation in various markets as quality fruit that complies with standards of good agricultural practices and processing.